Saturday, January 9, 2010

“That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”

Many of us say this as a means to muster up strength during times of adversity – when we need to be strong to get through challenging times.

This phrase kept creeping up in my head last summer, as I was doing some gardening outside. I don’t even remember a specific reason for thinking of it, but I found myself reciting it over and over.

I know it’s been a challenging few years for me – significant deaths in the family, a birth of my daughter, a major back injury, and lots of day-to-day stuff in-between – enough that had built up, I guess, to tell myself that I’ll be stronger for it.

Someone I know recently cited this phrase to me, in reference to a serious incident that happened to them. It’s amazing how such a simple phrase can seem to help, especially when you think of the alternatives, such as, “why me…?”

I’m glad I choose the first phrase, and hope I can continue to stay strong as I continue to work through the many challenges life has to offer, especially as I enter into this New (and hopefully a little easier) Year.

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