Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti: What’s a Person to do?

I still have the image of a woman’s face staring out from a pile of rubble, as rescuers uncovered her, in a show I watched today that highlighted some of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

The conditions were described as being “like a sewer,” by a journalist there, and it showed one area with people ravaging through tons of empty boxes – literally throwing them in the air - in hopes of finding food that may have been missed.

In addition to the issue of getting enough food and water to the people, there’s concern about looting and violence now too.

There’s so much devastation and people being impacted, on so many levels, that it’s somewhat overwhelming trying to figure out how I – only one person – can help.

At the moment, I can only think of contributing with a donation to a reputable organization, such as Red Cross, and hope that it holds true that every little bit helps.

Otherwise, I’ll just have to stay tuned as much possible about the situation, and maybe will find more ways to contribute as the situation progresses (apparently there’s a lot of overlap with the help their receiving). But somehow, I feel like this isn’t enough.

But apparently, this is a situation that is going to take years to recover from – it’s said that Haiti is going to have to be rebuilt. So, there will be plenty to do during that time, on many levels. And I hope that they will have continued support for as long as they need it, because they desperately do.

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