Thursday, January 21, 2010

At the Other End of the Spectrum: The Power of Technology

A few days ago, I expressed concern about whether we’re isolating ourselves in favor of communication technology (“Communication Mediums or Human Contact…?”). And although I maintain concern in this regard, and hope we can hold steadfast to each other – on a personal level – I also appreciate the opportunities that technology provides.

Sometimes it amazes me about how much we can do. I can connect with other people in the world that are passionate about similar issues that I am, have the opportunity to learn about and appreciate things that are important to people I’ve never met, stay in touch with people I care about that live far away, have a variety of clever networking opportunities at my fingertips, be aware of what’s happening in the world (outside of watching the news on television), and so much more. It’s no small feat - it’s ingenious – and we’ve come a long way.

I value the tremendous opportunities that technology provides (even though I’m still concerned about the demise of human contact). It opens many doors and enriches our lives in so many ways - a very powerful tool indeed.

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