Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years: The Allotted Time for the Weight Loss Band Wagon

Come the first week of January, television shows are brimming with ideas about weight loss – the hype is all about losing those extra pounds gained over the holidays.

Do we really gain that much weight in the span of a few weeks? And do we really need lifestyle re-hauls and new “eating plans” at this time of year, or are we products of good old commercialism?

I’m all for making important changes where necessary, and believe that nothing should stand in our way, whether it be weight loss or otherwise. But why have an allotted time of year to do it?

Wouldn’t it seem that after the holidays – when the turkey (with all the trimmings) and treats are gone – that we’ll go back to our usual way of eating again? Do we really need a special “weight loss plan?”

As much as I value setting goals and taking care of ourselves, I guess I see it more of a lifestyle, rather than a seasonal band wagon to jump on. But that’s just me.

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