Thursday, January 14, 2010

Communication Mediums or Human Contact…?

Upon losing myself in research lately about societal issues, a common theme that stood out for me was the imperative role that our communities play regarding our overall health and future. And I’ve found myself somewhat preoccupied about where we’re headed.

We’ve made great strides in terms of our rights as individuals and groups (although there’s always room for improvement), and have progressed tremendously with our many technological advances. But are we moving too fast in this regard?

Technology is amazing (hence this blog), and it’s allowing us to do things we wouldn’t have imagined only a few short years ago. For this, I am grateful! But what worries me is the thought of swinging too far to the end of the pendulum - advancing too much on the technical end - and being so overly preoccupied with our communication mediums or gadgets, to the point of minimal personal contact.

I’ve read studies about the widespread of loneliness and social isolation. It’s a profound issue in society today, which is pretty scary, considering how our advances in communication technology are supposed to be a tool to help us stay connected with each other. But our gadgets can only take us so far.

I’m hoping there isn’t a correlation between our increased preoccupation with gadgets, and less personal interactions and one-on-one time with each other.

Hopefully this isn’t where we’re headed – socially isolated (and lonely) technical junkies. But I guess we’ll see soon enough, the extent to which we value our gadgets more than spending time with each other. Only time (in addition to how we spend it) will tell.

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