Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Mend a Broken Heart…

“I wish I could hold him one more time,” I thought as I broke down and cried, yet again, for my beloved dog of 12 ½ years.

For those of you that haven’t had pets – you may not get the pain of losing one.

For those of you that have – I feel that you’ll understand the turmoil involved with the loss of an animal that you loved and that loved you unconditionally.

It’s excruciatingly painful. And as dramatic as that may sound – the feelings are real.

He’s everywhere I look around my home, inside and outside. And today, I gave his unused food to the animal shelter – a feat in itself.

I won’t go on, even though I could – go on and on about the dreadful ordeal of having to euthanize an animal that I loved tremendously (it would be more of a book read, than a blog).

I will say that the bond between a pet and its owner is a very deep one. Pets depend on us like children do – to meet all of their needs (emotionally and physically). And we depend on their loyalty, love and constant companionship.

I’ll miss my best friend dearly, and hope that the pain will get better. Right now it’s very hard.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. my heart goes out to you in your loss. my dogs are my heart & soul, so I totally empathize. my deepest sympathies as well. God Bless!