Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Killing

What year is this? Because if you tell me it’s 2012, I might have a hard time believing it, based on what happened to 17-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin. Ironically, he was pursued and killed by a so-called neighborhood watch guy, George Zimmerman, in Florida recently.

My heart sank, as I watched the distraught parents of Trayvon on Anderson yesterday, struggling with what happened to their boy 25 days ago. Apparently, he was just walking home from a store, talking on his cell to his girlfriend, and minding his own business - not lurking, or carrying drugs (but rather, skittles, for his younger brother), or posing a threat to anyone…except this self-appointed watch guy.

Anderson played the recording of Zimmerman calling 911, giving the impression that somehow this young boy walking by was a threat. And against instructions, while carrying a gun, he pursued Trayvon and killed him. That boy must have been some threat... Or should I say the color of his skin was…

According to ABC News, the police missed Zimmerman possibly muttering “f**ing coons” under his breath during a 911 call. And the case is now being investigated further, as a possible hate crime, which is something the public has been pointing to all along. (Was it really the recording…or was it the public outrage about details such as this one that sparked the investigation?)

Zimmerman claimed self-defense, but apparently people nearby saw and heard otherwise. So, maybe it wasn’t as cut and dry as police initially treated it as – not taking this watch guy in, checking his history, doing toxicology tests, or much else - other than setting him FREE!

What’s wrong with this picture? You can just kill a teenager and go about your business?

On a positive note… There are flaws in this case. There was a lawyer on Anderson expressing issue with the fact that this man pursued the teen, while carrying a gun, and killed him. This has to stand for something, right? I certainly hope so.

In the meantime, my heart goes out to these parents, and their son, whose life was taken too early. And I hope this killer has to face up to what he’s really done, which isn’t protecting the neighborhood…but disgracing it and the rest of society.


Anderson show, March 21, 2012

ABC News

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