Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lets Not Forget Haiti: A Necklace of Hope, Love and Healing

On The View recently, Patricia Arquette, was wearing a pretty little silver necklace—a symbol of hope, love and healing for Haiti, supported by her foundation called Give Love.

This foundation is trying to create better conditions in Haiti.

In a visit there, Patricia saw a mother who had given birth in a tent, swarmed with mosquitoes and water, and said that it doesn’t look like the baby will make it. It’s probably one of many sad stories we’ve already heard or will hear more of. But the bottom line is that Haiti still desperately needs our help.

Patricia described their water conditions as contaminated with filth and unusable. She said the only decent water they have is from the sky. So, the foundation will help them utilize this water by setting up reclamation systems and teach them how to do the same for themselves, and provide housing and other types of support where needed.

The money raised from the necklace will help the foundation achieve these goals.

It’s a simple-yet-profound idea—buy a necklace and help Haiti. And what makes this pretty piece of jewellery special is the meaning attached to it…hope, love and healing (and the price is good too).

I also believe this necklace will help keep the cause alive—people will talk about it and Haiti won’t be forgotten.

For more information check out the websites below:

Give Love Foundation:

Patricia Arquette:

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