Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Supportive Society

My Twitter bio says, “Passionate about the health of our society, and supporting each other — a little goes a long way...” And it’s genuine.

I’m concerned about the state of our society (emotionally and otherwise), and about how we treat each other…that quite often seems more poorly than not.

For instance, online networks, such as Twitter, have many members just in it for themselves (trying to draw people to their products or services), without a care about anyone they come in contact with. It’s becoming a common annoyance for some.

I recently read a blog by a fellow-tweeter suggesting people be “more interactive” and “less selfish” on these types of social mediums, and I concurred with what he had to say.

But unfortunately, along with the convenience of online socializing networking comes a magnified mirror of the masses — a close view of how negatively many people conduct themselves with others — but it’s our reality. We have to take the bad with the good.

Personally, I’m drawn to sincerity. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but not a one-way-street either. A little compassion toward other people (who also go through struggles, just as we do) can have a great impact.

Supporting each other, even in small ways, such as a kind word, gesture or help with something, can make a big difference for someone, and it all adds up in the larger scheme of things.

If we’re to be a healthy society, we need to exercise more energy from the heart, and less from the ego. We need to genuinely acknowledge and be kind to each other, and less self-absorbed — for the most part.

It’s normal to be selfish at times, such as in the instance of desperately needing a break from ongoing demands. Without a little selfishness (especially if you have children) you can go insane and take your loved ones with you! However, if the scales are tipping too much in the direction of your wants and needs and constantly at the cost of others…well, this is what you’re contributing not only to your immediate world, but to the larger picture as well — it’s your legacy.

I value the health of our society, and believe that in little ways, we can make an impact. I guess the question for some is to determine what kind of society they want to live in, and to think about what they can do to make an impact toward the kind of world they want to see. (Which is hopefully a positive one for most!)

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