Sunday, February 14, 2010

Support or Sabotage?

Ever have a feeling (along with clear proof) that you’re being sabotaged? It might be indirectly, such as dealing with someone who apparently wants to support something you’re doing, but you sense “not quite.”

For instance, they offer you an opportunity, and you take them up on it, only to have them say, “Sorry, it’s too late” (even though you went by their time-frame).

Or things are humming along – no bumps in the path – as you’re working on a project (that, at first, is a little slow in coming), until it becomes successful, and they so generously come up with a few more roadblocks for you. Their explanation is “out of concern,” which wasn’t there over the course of the year-and-a-half that you’ve been doing the same thing. And this “concern” is expressed immediately after you told them some good news, about the success of the project... Hmmm.

All of the sudden the door isn’t as open as it initially appeared to be (literally). And they find reasons why they can’t help you with other things too, and you find yourself met with more resistance than support. You’re also frustrated about the fact that you have to depend on this person (to a degree), who outwardly suggests they want to help your project succeed, but evidence keeps pointing in another direction…

This is an experience I recently had… very stressful. However, after the initial stress and disbelief that it was actually happening, I realized that it’s more about them than me. To put it plainly, they’re unhappy. And as frustrating as it initially was (and may continue to be), in the long run, I don’t have to be a part of it – and I won’t.

Some people are miserable, and their way out of it is to try and pass it on to others. “Misery loves company.” But I’m not biting.

I’ll do what I can to succeed, but will absolutely will not fall prey to sabotage (my declaration for the day) - it’s not worth it. Life really is too short.

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